CVManager is a Web based full-featured integrated Applicant Tracking System and Talent Management System that facilitates quality hires and increases recruiting effectiveness. CVManager is a top-of-breed system with excellent performance and reliability. Its powerful database helps uncover rare gems in a few seconds, even among passive job seekers. CVManager integrates seamlessly with your corporate Web site and Intranet portal.

Unique Benefits

Because of CVManager's flexibility it can adapt to your hiring processes. It is highly configurable and enables recruiters to manage all the content of their career section. CVManager makes it easy for recruiters, hiring managers, employees and candidates to be productive rapidly. A user can be up and running with less than one day of training. With its advanced search capability, the Talent Seeker, CVManager can identify, in a few minutes, the qualified talent you're looking for, no matter how many resumes you have in your database. CVManager offers an optimization program that will deliver the best ROI, making sure it is used to its full capacity. CVManager offers annual upgrades free of charge. Our customers agree that our passion is the absolute satisfaction of our clientele and the desire to continuously improve.


CVManager at a Glance

  • Provides a flexible platform to streamline your organization’s hiring process. It is highly configurable.
  • Provides an easy-to-use application that requires minimum training and user support.
  • Allows 24/7 access to a qualified talent pool and enables direct communication, selection, and evaluation.
  • Provides a highly secure environment for your data.
  • Optimizes your internal talent pool and offers a centralized job posting access for employees.
  • Simplifies and automates staffing workflow from requisition to hire, reducing your hiring cycle by more than half.
  • Provides decision support data on critical hiring processes with sophisticated reporting.
  • Offers a global multilingual solution that integrates with your ERP.
  • CVManager delivers measurable value for our customers.
  • Annual updates are free of charge.
  • CVManager grows with our customer’s needs and reflects innovative attraction, selection and management practices.

Attracts Talent

  • Integrates seamlessly with your corporate Web site and Intranet portal.
  • Posts jobs to hundreds of employment, professional, industry specific and college sites.
  • Encourages passive job seekers by giving them the possibility to register to a Job Alert. 
  • Optimizes every candidate contact by enabling them to e-mail a job posting to a friend or share via social media. 

Makes it easy for candidates to:

  • Apply to postions using appication forms tailored to the type of job that the candidate is applying to.
  • Attach their resume file, Word, PDF or RTF and cover letters for a personalized application.
  • Search for job postings (by location, division, category…)
  • Apply online for multiple positions.
  • Submit resumes for future consideration.
  • Sign up to job alerts to be notified of new positions available meeting specific criteria.

Selects the Best

  • Provides a unique Talent Seeker that permits a powerful combined search in resume files (Word, PDF & RTF), input form data and tracking notes. You can track the talent you're looking for in a few minutes.
  • Provides automated candidate evaluation and ranking. You can filter to view qualified resumes only.
  • Sends an automated alert in real time to recruiters when top candidates are detected. 

Increases Staffing Process Efficiency

  • Automates workflow for an increase in productivity.
  • Centralizes, standardizes and streamlines the staffing process. Reduces duplication of effort.
  • Enables hiring managers to initiate job requisitions using CVManager E-forms. Reduces paper work.
  • Provides automated workflow for job requisition E-approval process. Can always track where the requisition is at.
  • Tracks recruiting activity, costs, as well as time to hire to improve ROI.
  • Tracks all aspects of the hiring process.
  • Enables external recruiters to contribute to your recruiting process.

Makes it easy for recruiters to:

  • Create internal and external Web-ready postings rapidly.
  • Post, update and remove positions in real time.
  • Track the history of candidates.
  • Send candidate details to hiring managers for their approval.
  • Search resumes with specific criteria.
  • Generate an automated response upon receipt of resume or application.
  • Create and send standard response letters or emails to candidates.
  • Customize input forms to help identify the best suited candidates.
  • Generate reference numbers automatically.
  • Find qualified candidates rapidly.

Make Critical Decisions Based on Facts

  • Generates reports such as Status of Requisitions, Cycle Time, Recruiting Costs per Requisition,Performance Indicators and Other HR / Recruiting reports.
  • Career site traffic.
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheets or to XML.

Other Great Features

  • Self-manage field features: modify field properties, add user-defined questions and create or modify your own pull down field values.
  • Self-manage the content of your career section Web pages.
  • Receive and process resumes in more than one language.