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CVManager Retail Edition

Developed for retail businesses, CVManager Retail is a simple solution tailored to your staffing process, management style, and organizational structure. Whether your business requires your stores to have full independence in the hiring process or that staffing remains centralized through the HR Department, CVManager Retail can prove a valuable time and cost-saving tool.

CVManager Retail allows you to:

  • Involve not only store managers, but regional managers as well as any other decision-maker involved in the staffing process.
  • Grant partial or total autonomy in the hiring process to district or store/branch managers.
  • Control quality and performance.
  • Automate the better part of the administrative tasks and processes.

Store managers can connect to a streamlined CVManager interface adjusted to their needs. The retail business faces tremendous recruiting challenges that directly impact the bottom line. Recruitment is in real time. Organizational structures are also different. Thanks to its many customers, the CVManager Retail team has developed a flexible solution that adapts to your industry specific needs.

CVManager Retail

CVManager can be used by different entities in the retail environment:

  • head office
  • distribution centers
  • stores
  • franchises